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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  September 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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5's lisa evers. steve: she's live at kennedy airport where he is expected to touch down any moment now. >> reporter: he's actually running a little behind schedule. we are right where that plane, that american airlines flight, is going to land on the tarmac at kennedy airport. i have to tell you there's such a special atmosphere here. so many people, the faithful, over 200 people here, many of them hand selected by the brooklyn archdiocese to come and witness this historic moment as pope francis touches down here in new york city. many of the people that you see in the crowd we're showing you are heavily involved in the church. there was a special emphasis on bringing in people with special needs, adults and children, to greet the holy father. we also talked with a group of children that were there. they are bringing what is called the spiritual bouquet to the holy father. this is something that we'll be seeing throughout his visit, according to the archdiocese spokesman. it's a booklets of prayers that
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they hand to the holy father. when you see them give a flower to the holy father, that is a symbol to him that a prayer has been answered. so a tremendous amount of beauty. we have a band here. they have been practicing for the holy father. they'll play for him. many of the people -- we saw congressman king here ready to greet the pontiff. they are a little behind schedule. the plane, we've been asked about the plane he will be arriving on while the holy father is in the united states. it's an american airlines boeing 777-200. a regular commercial airliner. it's been privately chartered by the u.s. conference of bishops to take the holy father to new york and to philly. that's what he'll be traveling on. once he lands at kennedy airport, he'll be on the helicopter. i don't know if we can get a shot of the helicopter. this is very similar to what the president will be flying on, marine 1. there are two helicopters like that. in terms of the overall security
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plan, in terms of what's happening, the holy father will be given the same type of protocol that the president of the united states gets when he arrives. they're getting the crowd warmed up, so to speak. they've given them the vatican flag so they can have that when the holy father touches down. when he lands, this is not considered an official visit. this is merely a stopover. while he's here, there will be no other ceremonies. you can't expect him to talk to some of the children who will be presenting him with that spiritual bouquet. almost immediately after he greets the people who have been waiting here for him, he will be escorted on the helicopter similar to marine 1 by three osprey helicopters into manhattan for the mass at st. patrick's. back to you. dari: lisa, thank you. nick gregory, who is a pilot, tells us that the pope's plane, shepherd 1, has been given clearance to land, so it should happen any moment now.
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tonight, st. patrick's cathedral and linda schmidt. steve: more on the excitement for the pope's arrival and what will be happening during the prayer service. >> reporter: good evening to both of you. i don't know how i got so lucky. i am blessed to be at that location tonight. take a look behind me. we are just about 10 yards from where the pope is going to be coming down in the popemobile and going into st. patrick's cathedral. it is spectacular. there is a lot of activity here, despite the fact that the pope is not going to be here for an hour and 45 minutes. you have every type of security you can imagine. in addition to hundreds of people who have been lining up. you had to have a ticket. hundreds have been lining up since noontime. there are two groups i want to point out because they may have the opportunity to meet pope francis tonight. the first group, paul, let's pan
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high school students, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, from a variety of schools. two are xavier high school, a boys jesuit high school on the west side. pope francis is a jesuit. and notre dame high school, that's in the west village. patrick's. there was a lottery system and they won and they were able to come out. they are standing next to the steps that pope francis will be patrick's. the other group is a group right over here. there's a couple of hundred of workers, and these are some of the workers who helped restore st. patrick's, that $175 million restoration project. these are the people who whitewashed the outside of -- or power washed the outside of st. patrick's and did the scraping and cleaning and painting. they restored the bronze door
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walking through for the vest perfect -- vespers service. if he decides he wants to talk with these folks, he's going to do that. both groups are hoping that happens. this is not going to be a mass. there won't be holy communion. it is a prayer service. the people who will be inside, about 2500 people, i'm talking about nuns and retired clergy, also priests, deacons and people who donated to that $175 million restoration project, so some very, very lucky people that will partake in the service. but when the pope arrives here, he's going to be greeted by governor cuomo, in addition to mayor bill de blasio and senator schumer might be here as well. they will be greeting him when he arrives.
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from 47th to 57th street. you cannot come down. it's been that way for hours now. we've been here since 12:30. it was shut down long before we got here. when the pope arrives, after he touches down at jfk and he makes his way into the city, he will be in the popemobile. he will be coming down fifth avenue. we will see him get out of the pope mobile and walk through these doors into st. patrick's cathedral for that service. you live. about being here. we're kind of hoping that the pope cuts us a break and feels sorry for us and maybe he'll walk over to us. that's the latest from here. back to you in the studio. steve: that would be great. we would love to see that. you're not the only one excited. we're joined by monsignor hillary franco. dari: thank you for joining us
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as we're watching a plane about to land. not 100 percent sure this is the pope's plane. do we think this is shepherd 1? we believe it is. monsignor, people of new york have you to thank. you were very integral in the process of inviting the pope to come to new york and speak at the u.n. tell us how it happened. >> i will tell you that i have in front of me the words used by the secretary general on the 12th of august 2014. he wrote officially to invite the holy father. he said very clearly, on behalf of the united nations, i have the great pleasure to invite you to participate in the address of the general assembly in
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the member states are willing to listen to your address. this is going to happen tomorrow. this is the first time that the pope comes to new york. dari: and monsignor, here we have it. the pope landing in new york city, landing safely. steve: monsignor, i'm curious, your perspective on his words today in washington, d.c. >> i feel -- this is really -- i have to tell you i was so moved by the words of the president of the united states and also by -- he's so simple in what he says, but they -- those kind of statements are very powerful, if you think about it. steve: we heard him say the golden rule. >> but reminding us of something which is eternal. not something that is just here on earth. so that we have to do as much as
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we can on earth in order to get -- to be eternal. that was the main message that he gave, i've been to the bishops in st. matthew's in washington. this reminds me of the great cicero, the latin poet writer who used to stay the teacher of light. this is an historic moment. i go back a long time. i remember when the 4th of october, 1965, the first visit of a pope to the united states and to the united nations. that was a short visit. blessed paul xi. he came to be with the new york people, to say mass and to address the united nations,
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that was a long time ago. dari: i just want to savor these moments we have live on the camera. there are, of course, the pope has landed. we understand the bishop of brooklyn will be greeting him along with 200 other faithful. >> almost 500. dari: almost 500 are out there to meet him. >> that's what the bishop told me this morning. we were together in the studio. dari: this is his first time to new york city. >> the first time to the united states and especially to new york. we are giving a welcome to the holy father, to this great city. his predecessor called it the center of the world. steve: this is the first time he's ever been to new york in his entire life. >> the first time. he has never been to new york actually.
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remarks, but you never know what he's going to do. >> knowing pope francis, we have to expect the unexpected. dari: you know this man. tell us what you know. >> we love him because he's down to earth. and he tells you to your face what he has to tell you, even though he might be dealing with the leaders of the world as he will do tomorrow, tomorrow morning at the united nations, he'll tell them whatever he has within himself. and that's something that i call inspiration. he has his inspirations. and he comes out so forcefully that you and i listening to him say, listen, why didn't i think of this before. why didn't i do this before? be doers of the word and not only hear -- steve: he challenges people's preconceived notions. today when you saw him in
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washington, he spoke in a way that couldn't be pigeonholed into one political ideology. he challenged people on both sides. >> he embraces the world. sometimes we think in terms of the pope as the leader of the church. he is the leader of the catholic church, but francis is embracing the world. i would say like freshly columns, he embraces the world. just like previous popes have done, like john 23rd, he did the same, john paul ii, how many times -- he came seven times to the united states. steve: talk about his popularity. he's tremendously popular and how energizing that is for catholics. >> what amazes me is the energy that you find in this man. i was with him for my anniversary of the nation. we had dinner together. he came and stayed with us. i have to say that he ate two pieces of my cake.
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dari: he's talking about the fact he has gained weight. stick with us monsignor. we want to go to lisa evers. she's at kennedy airport. we're waiting for the pope to dis disembark and greet the folks and get on the chopper to wall street. lisa, tell us what you're seeing on the ground. >> reporter: what we're seeing is right now we're on the tarmac where the plane is going to be approaching. roy, there's a stairway that will be the stairway that goes to the plane. once it comes closer to this area, you're seeing a lot of planes on the live video we have. this is also where the planes that are taking off queue up and turn around. it's a little difficult to see where the plane is, if it has touched down. i can tell you from what we're seeing seeing, it has to be within minutes. the entire area is on lockdown.
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plane security, the secret service, port authority, everybody is in position. nobody is moving. it it's like the entire scene has frozen in anticipation. there's a tremendous amount of excitement. this will be the place where he gets off. you can see the two helicopters there. they're similar to marine 1, the one that the president uses, and the actual protocol for the holy father when he gets off the plane. every detail from the moment he steps off the plane on to the staircase, this american airlines staircase, that protocol is exactly similar from a security standpoint to what they do for the president of the united states. now we are expecting the holy father to walk over to the crowd. in this crowd of several hundred people, representing the area's 5 million catholics, many active
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in the church, students he loves and adults with special needs, children with special needs and the crowd is full of people. we spoke with some of them as we were waiting to go through the security checkpoint. a lot of the people in the crowd here to greet the holy father -- we're seeing his eminence cardinal dolan. i would take that as a sign that the holy father will be here very, very shortly. we're seeing a plane coming up. we'll see if it turns. if it comes to us, we believe it is it. yes. that is the plane. you can see the american airlines boeing 777-200. word is starting to spread throughout the crowd right now. people are waving their flags. this is the plane that is bringing pope francis to new york city for the first time. the crowd is getting excited, waving the vatican flags.
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some have broken out into applause. cardinal dolan is on the tarmac with the other church leadership and clergy and people are scrambling to the barricade to get a glimpse. you can hear them cheering. you can see the plane coming through. can we swing over? i'm going to duck down so you can get a view of the plane. that's the american airlines plane. a lot of people were asking is this shepherd 1? this answer we found out from the archdiocese is no. it is a commercial airline, but it was chartered to take the holy father on his travels in the united states. this is something -- there wasn't any special design inside inside. people were wondering if he would sit in first class.
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it's taxiing on the tarmac. a tremendous sense of excitement. we have the secret service. we have the clergy on the tarmac ready to greet him. people have their phones up. you see the american flag, the vatican flag. the plane is coming close. we should have a pretty good view as the door opens. i can't describe the sense of excitement and anticipation is, even with the police officers, the port authority police, the secret service. there's been tight, tight service all day. there's another atmosphere i can't describe of joy and excitement at this moment. the plane is pulling up. they're getting the signal from the ground crews to slow down and coming to a halt.
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it's very sunny. cardinal dolan is looking at the crowd, taking it all in, waving to the crowd and the waving them in a blessing type of gesture. they're putting the -- i don't know what they're called, but barriers they put under the wheels of the plane that the ground crew does. they're going to start moving the stairway over to the plane. i'm going to jump down so i'm not in the shot. the plane is at a complete stop. the ground crews are going around, checking the wheels, checking to make sure that everything is 100 percent on point and correct, which is looking very, very good. cardinal dolan has inched a few feet further with the other leadership and dignitaries from the archdiocese. another interesting fact about this is this is an unusual visit
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one of the reasons, according to monsignor harrington -- there goes the stairway. it is pushed from the terminal over to the plane. this is going right to the doorway of the chartered jet that has brought the holy father here from washington, d.c. it's coming up. in the crowd, we've seen cardinal dolan. we've seen congressman peter king king eric adams, pastors from parishes and unsung heros in the churches and diocese in the city and tri-state. they're doing the work for the elderly, for the people with special needs, feeding people, working in the hospitals. we've seen a lot of nuns and kids. the kids are one of the most exciting sights that the holy
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i think you're seeing a shot -- the stairway, the american airlines stairway has been pushed right up to the plane. everybody is moving a little slowly into position. the ground crew they're checking everything. they're looking at the wheels. there are two officials going up to the doorway. again, this is protocol. they're checking everything out. the security for his holiness as he's here in new york city is multilayered. the lead organization, the lead agency, is the u.s. secret service. you have the nypd, but the holy father travels with the swiss guard and with vatican police. they basically are around him 24-7. there's always one member of the swiss guard with him. now people, the crowd is just basically silent. all eyes are trained on that doorway.
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him to manhattan once he comes off the plane. they're putting a device near the stairway. a guy is going up the stairs. they're checking everything on the stairway, i have to tell you. the american airlines ground crews. now they're rolling out the carpet here at the base of the staircase. they're going towards the door here. you can't imagine a more beautiful day for something like this to happen. the weather is absolutely perfect. here the door's opening right now. we can see -- the band is playing. here they come. just a couple of minutes away, not even, before we see the holy father. cardinal dolan and the church dignitaries are walking over to the staircase. the band is playing, the high school band.
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and people are walking over. the dignitaries, other officials, everybody is walking over to the staircase here. looks like they're going to form an informal receiving line for the holy father as he comes here to give him a big welcome to new york. there's a couple of kids. can you see the kids in the shot, roy? there's a couple of kids in catholic school uniforms that are going over to the holy father father. they're presenting something that he really likes, a spiritual bouquet, a booklet of prayers, prayers that the holy father has offered and that they have been praying for, things he has wanted, which include world peace, includes loving one another and things of that nature. and here he is. let's just take in this moment, this incredible moment. it's very windy at kennedy
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he has a broad smile on his face. cardinal dolan's eyes -- he's moving quickly down the steps. we see the other people getting off the plane, the other church officials with him. i'm not sure who that is in the suit behind him. cardinal dolan, the archbishop, they're greeting him. he has touched down in new york city at kennedy airport on this gorgeous september day. he's hugging them. i think the pope's going to like new york. he's got a big smile on his face. here's the other church leadership coming down and other people that were on this special american airlines chartered plane. steve: lisa, fantastic job. thank you very much. what a powerful moment we are witnessing. we'll bring the monsignor back in. give us a little more flavor of what we're seeing. >> this is an incredible sight.
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i have seen it so many times. to the people of new york, to see francis, a man so popular, you know, coming to our city and understanding the message that he has to give us is incredible. i see all the dignitaries there with him, the bishop of brooklyn because the airport is situated in the diocese of brooklyn. that's important. and cardinal dolan, because he's one of the cardinals of the catholic church. and we have the denuncio who is going to be the host here, because he will be the papal residence at 72nd street. he will stay there two nights. we have the privilege of having him at the papal residence, which is the holy see to the
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united nations. we have this -- i have talked to so many people as i was coming here here. they were talking about tickets. they want to see the holy father. incredible popularity. i have seen -- i was part of several of the journeys of john paul ii, but to tell you the truth, never like pope francis. he has conquered the whole world world. steve: and monsignor, anyone joining us, here we are, we are looking at the pope who touched down at jfk airport. he just stepped off shepherd 1, the boeing 777 which took him from washington, d.c. certainly a triumphant and
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and non-catholics as we watch this powerful, profound moment, the leader of 1.2 million catholics here in new york city. dari: it has to be said, this has been such a grueling schedule for this man. he has kept up with it. he looks wonderful. he smiles at everyone. his energy is really just incredible. >> i have to say frankly sometimes i wonder myself how does he do it? not only -- even the talks that he gives, you might say, well, really. he wants to give the ideas, his own ideas, to be put in writing. he doesn't -- he's not well versed in english. so someone else will do it. but the ideas are francis' ideas. dari: we want to go to lisa evers who is there amongst the greeting him.
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describe the moment out there now. >> reporter: this is an incredible moment. i'm going to keep the camera trained on the crowd. he has a smile so broad, it is unbelievable. so does cardinal dolan. he is going over to the crowd. in the front row of the crowd, which we had seen earlier before his plane touched down, many, many children. there are people in wheelchairs, special needs adults, special needs children. they just gave him a bouquet. he's shaking the hands. it's such an indescribable moment of joy for the people here. and even to cover it is an extraordinary moment. this man has brought so much, hope really to so many people. he's coming over and, hey, how are you, waving to people? now he's working the crowd along the line. i hope you can see him from our vantage point. he's stopping. it's hard to see with all the people around him. in the front row, there are people with severe mental and physical challenges and
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disabilities. he's going over to them, taking time with them, talking with them them. there were groups of kids, the ones that presented him with the prayer book, the spiritual bouquet. everybody is smiling. the crowd is trying to get as close as they can behind the barricade. you see the men in sunglasses with the earpieces, the security very, very tight. they're very determined as we've heard from the beginning, from both the secret service and the nypd and the port authority police to allow this pope, this holy man, to be with the people and to bring his message of hope and faith and love to the city and to this country. and it's indescribable. he's talking to people. people are mesmerized. they cannot take their eyes off him. we have a band playing. there's a beautiful breeze off jamaica bay. we have the port authority
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everything is going like clockwork. he's taking his time. the tight schedule, there's no sense of frenzy. he's waving to people. people are waving to him. everybody trying to get pictures. it's a beautiful sight. incredibly beautiful sight to see this kind of welcome for this very, very important religious international figure. steve: thank you very much. monsignor, i'd love to get your perspective. as the pope, he has the ability to touch countless lives. but the tradeoff is he is surrounded by tremendous security 24-7. how does he deal with this? >> i have to be very frank. knowing francis, i have to tell you he doesn't like that much security security. he does it in rome. he'll say stop here. i want to talk to people around
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him. he wants to embrace children. this is going to be a problem for him. there's so much security. this is my own personal feeling. we always had security. we have the heads of state coming and all these important events definitely. i feel, however that the security is all right but -- dari: look at this. this is probably one of the closest pictures we've gotten live of the pope. you can see he clearly understand his mission. he is here for the people. he understands he is giving of his heart and spirit. these people have waited hours and hours. >> exactly. dari: to see him. >> exactly.
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in washington, all the long lines of people that were waiting, just for one minute, just to get a glimpse. dari: he's blessing people. >> he's blessing everyone i feel he would say i'd like to touch each one of you. he cannot touch millions. dari: looks like he's walking away. looks like his security detail is ushering him over where he'll get into a chopper, as lisa told us, a chopper similar to marine 1. he's going to be choppering into manhattan. he'll be landing at the heliport at wall street and get into the motorcade and head up to fifth avenue, st. patrick's cathedral. >> we'll have the long procession going from the helicopter to st. patrick's. there will be a procession officially.
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there will be thousands of people who would love to be there. unfortunately -- dari: there he is boarding. steve: lisa, one final perspective as you see him getting in the helicopter. certainly this seems to be something that lived up to everybody's expectation. what a powerful moment. >> reporter: oh, no, steve, absolutely. people have been here for hours, waited for hours just for this moment. just the sight of it and i have to comment on the security because the way they handled it was beautiful. they have rehearsed the secret service for a fact, they've rehearsed every minute of this entire trip many, many times. they've been over the security plans for months. you see the two choppers, similar to marine 1, the ones that carry the president of the united states. also what's going to happen is once these helicopters take off, there's going to be -- there'll be in a formation. there will be three osprey helicopters that follow behind them or surround them in the
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same formation that the president of the united states receives. the door of the first chopper that is carrying the holy father, the door has closed. you see the flag of the united states on it and they're still loading up. there's a u.s. marine who is closing the door on the second chopper. and i think somebody will be doing that to the first staircase momentarily and they'll be taking off. he'll be on his way to manhattan. the excitement has just been unbelievable. people have been so happy. i have to say i think the holy father, when he came off the plane and saw the new york crowd, the smile that was on his face warmed the hearts of everyone that saw it. the chopper blades are starting to go. i think they'll start taxiing a bit. they're close to the crowd. they'll maneuver this as they do so well so often. they'll be taking off. then the osprey, which you couldn't see in our shot, i put
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got to look at them earlier at kennedy airport, on the other side at a 90-degree angle at the end of the runway are the three helicopters that will provide the formation which is just a much a form of honor and tribute as it is for security purposes. they'll be going into manhattan. people are starting to wave goodbye to him. we're hearing the whir of the blades speeding up. his moments at kennedy airport are coming to a close. the ground crews at american airlines are all standing almost in formation. everybody is mesmerized by what's taken place and just focusing in on the historical significance of the moment and the incredible energy, the positive energy that he is bringing everywhere he seems to be going. they'll be taking over -- taking off, excuse me, momentarily. we're still in a frozen zone. everything is in a frozen zone
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some of the other dignitaries, including cardinal dolan, and church officials are in the second chopper behind him. it's sounding like they'll get going any second now. but an incredible, memorable visit for so many people. people are on their phones. everyone taking pictures. it went so smoothly. we have security here all over. various layers of security. we did see some nypd here. mostly it's been the secret service and the port authority police and the archdiocese. the archdiocese of brooklyn, which includes queens, they were the host diocese for this arrival. they've done a tremendous job. they made everybody feel very, very welcome. they kept apologizing for the long lines people had to wait in, especially the people that were here from the churches and the children to wait to see the holy father. they kept apologizing. they gave people food, water.
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the excitement and by the heat. just an atmosphere of tremendous care and concern and human dignity that is really incredible. but here we are. the second plane, the chopper, the marine is coming out from the second chopper. that's the one that has the church officials, one of the church officials is getting out and they're just here for a second. the first chopper carrying the holy father, the blades are still going around. looks like it will be taking off. they closed the door on the second one. that's what's happening here. we're waiting for him to take off and that's what's going on. steve: we'll stay on the shot for a bit. it's only fair to watch this take flight from really quite a powerful half hour where we saw the pope touch down, come off the plane, greet people and
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there is a tight schedule. what i found powerful about that interaction with the people who are waiting for the pope was the fact that i don't think it felt rushed, despite the fact that it was on a schedule. >> reporter: the other thing -- >> let's not forget -- dari: i'm sorry. go ahead. >> let's not forget on the 17th of december of this year, he's going to be 79. so it would be a good age, so to speak. probably we can live to be 140. but still remains the fact that he's going through this heavy schedule wherever he goes. we're talking about latin america, cuba. the three countries in latin america was an incredible schedule. and now here. he's going to stay with us only 39 hours and 45 minutes.
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look how many things in such a short time that he has to do. the same thing in cuba. look how many different ceremonies, how many masses, public masses. naturally the main event of this journey of the holy father is in philadelphia. and this is why we have all the madison square garden. otherwise, we could have had the central park for pope francis. dari: monsignor, we talk about the grueling schedule, 39 hours in new york city, but when you see the kind of energy that he has, it's infectious. people get so excited. they wanted to see him. they've read all about him. he's such a man of his word. i think that the energy that the people give back to him has to be that much more energizing for him as well.
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you're so right. he gets energy from the people he meets at all times, especially children. he loves to meet children and everyone. the sick people, the elderly. he's very concerned about the elderly, even though he doesn't consider himself an elder. steve: walk us through the moment where the little girl broke through security. >> that was so beautiful. that's normal for him. what did he do? he said bring the girl here. and the doctor did. brought the girl to him. kissed, embraced. dari: she gave him a t-shirt and letter. she's a child of undocumented parents. >> he cherishes all these moments. so when he goes to bed at night, by the way, he doesn't sleep that long. steve: up at 4:30. >> 4:00 usually in the morning, he gets up and goes on and on and on. he doesn't stop. not even for a minute.
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and let us consider the fact that he goes over the speeches himself. he wants to know that his message is clearly given to the people to whom he addresses. and that's pope francis. we have to get used to pope francis. dari: that's what i was going to ask. i covered pope benedict in 2008. i had the good fortune to meet him. they say he was a scholar. he was very lovely. we were all very enamored when he was here. talk to us about what's so different about francis. >> well, i'll tell you. first of all, pope benedict, talking about cardinal joseph ratzinger, he was a scholar. he wrote so many masterpieces, especially theology and the life forth. he was well known all over the world for this kind of activity
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of the congregation for the doctrine of faith. defending the doctrine of the church was a perfect job for him him. he did not expect in 2005 to be given this enormous responsibility, being pope. steve: if you join us now, we are watching the pope in the helicopter. next step, manhattan. he just touched down at jfk within the past hour. he's been sitting on the helicopter for a bit. looks like they're about to become airborne and they go from here to the wall street heliport, get in a car. that becomes the popemobile as they make the final approach to st. patrick's up fifth avenue. another majestic sight watching him take off. let's take a look at this for a moment. >> notice the beautiful flags hands.
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yellow, but also they were flags of our country. really at the end of each talk, america. dari: he does. >> i am an american, too. in a way, he is an american -- dari: we love him. we want to go to lisa evers for parting thoughts as we see the osprey choppers take off. >> reporter: you can see the two choppers, the first one with the holy father. they just made a u-turn on to the runway. themselves. can we show them the osprey? these are the three escort helicopters. a lot of media from all over the world is here on the site. these are going to fly in a special formation with the helicopter of the holy father. looks like they're all going into the opposite direction
5:43 pm
towards the direction the planes go when they're in a takeoff mode. the first chopper here, the very first one is the one carrying the holy father. then the second chopper has cardinal dolan and the church hierarchy and other officials. now the three osprey helicopters are coming behind and getting into a formation. all this is very ritualistic, done with protocol by the u.s. marine corps. they're the ones operating the choppers. you can see them coming up. the very first one carrying the holy father is going very, very slow on the runway. it's on the -- as they're approaching getting ready to take off. the others are right there behind it. you can't see them because two are obscured by the american airlines charter plane that
5:44 pm
he is in the air. the chopper that will carry him to manhattan is in the air. you can see this incredible sight. look at the osprey. let's get this shot. we are so close to it. very dramatic. gorgeous afternoon here in new york city at kennedy airport. now we're hearing them pull away, the two choppers. you see these three marine corps osprey that are going around and they're trying to get into that formation which they will. they've done many times, rehearsed for, drilled for, trained for, and this is what's going on as they're getting into the formation that is going to carry them. the crowds erupting into cheers, cheering them on. they're getting into formation and turning around. they were heading south towards jamaica bay in the rockaways and now making a right turn and heading towards manhattan and they're off into the distance.
5:45 pm
what an afternoon and incredible experience. the crowd is so excited. now one of the priests is saying go home and say a prayer for the holy father and thank god that you were here today for this incredible moment. they're going to clear the security area. that's it for us at kennedy airport on this historic, incredible, incredible experience, but everything went so, so smoothly. and everything just was -- went like clockwork. the people will be taking the people out. they'll be taking the people out. the band is playing. the band is playing. and holy father has left. the plane is still here. they'll be wrapping that up. they're inspecting it. port authority police are out here. secret service is still on scene. that's what's been happening here. an unbelieve able afternoon today. back to you.
5:46 pm
steve: really amazing stuff. very, very powerful as we look at that image. interesting to think how many people in manhattan and elsewhere can see that site coming to them. >> going on a plane, i'm sure so people are anxious to see, to have a glimpse. most probably people will look up in the air and say that's the helicopter of the holy father. it's a blessing itself. dari: it is. >> it's a way of getting close to the people. that's him. that's francis. i have to say the same thing with john paul ii, but francis is more popular. let me be very -- i would say kind of powerful. steve: indeed.
5:47 pm
which is where ultimately he is due in about an hour or so. dari: it's interesting. i love the fact the clergy said go home and say a prayer for francis, which brings us to security, which is a huge concern. we have reporters covering all areas where the pope will be touching down on. we want to go out to arthur chi'en, who is picking up the team coverage now as far as security is concerned in st. patrick's cathedral. >> a lot of preparation in place. we can say the area around st. patrick's cathedral, very, very secure. let's pan off so you get a sense of what we're talking about. since noontime today, the streets, over a 10 block span, 57th to 46th, has essentially been in lockdown.
5:48 pm
a lot of layers of enforcement. that side is closed. there's an eight foot fence surrounding the businesses. these people have been here in excess of seven, eight hours. they were precleared who have tickets. they went through security. they line the streets waiting for the holy father to come. this will be the first test of a tremendous security apparatus they've put in place. it involves over 6,000 additional police officers and counterterrorism units, not to mention the federal agencies involved as well. the secret service is in charge of everything. the department of homeland security has their own command center less than a block from where we stand. the spontaneity with this pope is inevitable. they're on their toes. let's talk about the preparation that became visible yesterday or a couple of days before. we saw manholes being sealed in areas he'll be visiting.
5:49 pm
we saw cement blocks deployed in areas where they do not want traffic going through. i talked about the fence. garbage cans in the cathedral areas we saw being removed. we don't have to speak about parking. parking is a no-no. as i've heard you mention, this is a balance. this is a pope who wants to be accessible. everybody understands part of getting the message out is being able to know he is here and completely safe in doing so. i should point out this is a no-fly zone during the time of his visit. something else that is banned, drones. drones are banned during the length of the pope's visit as well as selfie sticks. it could be seen as a threat. those are some of the things that have happened. last note, in the last few hours and days, they put their ears to the ground to make sure there wasn't any threat developing on the pope. sources tell us they received
5:50 pm
none of that. that was something they were deliberate to listen for and acknowledging it isn't just the pope's well-being but the thousands that come out to see him. as we saw in washington, thousands line a route where he's going from point a to point b. they want the crowds to be safe as well. this is an acknowledgment of what we saw during the boston marathon. not just the pope's security, but those who come to see him. multiple layers trying to accommodate the spontaneity of the pope and insuring his safety as well. steve: very good. we appreciate it. we have just found a pretty interesting perspective on things. at the heliport, we had a shot of the fiat, the pope's fiat, a famous fitting part of his visit to the u.s. as the osprey is landing as we speak.
5:51 pm
the lower left portion of your screen. you see the security duck down. what a powerful sight. dari: the holy father is morphing into many different forms of transportation. gets off a boeing 777, then on a chopper, then he's going to get into the fiat, which will become the pope mobile. steve: zachary has been speaking to the people and joins us with a look at what they had to say. >> reporter: let me tell you. we're on 53rd avenue. a block behind me is where the action is. a lot of barriers between us and then. we were in the mix today. it's hard to articulate the level of energy and excitement around the pope's arrival. some folks came from across the country. some from the other side of the city.
5:52 pm
>> i understand pope francis and his importance to the world. i get to be here and see him. just to see him is amazing. >> reporter: prayer beads, they sang, they waited patiently. work didn't stop, but paused for some. one by one, single file, step by step. i met j.p. on west 52nd. he made the trek from connecticut. >> we've been standing here since 11:00. >> reporter: for many a ticket in was the fruits of answered prayers. >> i'm so happy. it's a miracle because i see the pope. >> reporter: they all had stories. i said what comes to mind when you think of the pope? >> blessed. a beautiful spirit. i think of the holy spirit. i get very moved when i watch him on television. >> i think he's the image of christ. >> he's down to earth.
5:53 pm
we know he's the pope but very reachable. >> an leader important, someone to look up to. >> jp is 16 but says the pope's views resonate with him. >> he is aiming for the youth. he wants to reach out and make sure we know god loves us and we're accepted. >> reporter: the pope is in new york city and they tell me it's worth the wait. i talked to a lot of people. the one thing i heard over and over about pope francis is his ability to transcend so many things that divide us as a society. i've covered a lot of events. not many have felt like this. back in the studio, the best news is he's here, right? steve: we're going back to the heli helipad. the security is there.
5:54 pm
there is the entourage of the pope. dari: and timothy dolan will be there. there. >> we have the archbishops from england. he's also the three most important people at the vatican. dari: they're outfitting the fiat. >> if you go to rome -- dari: why is he not in a ford. he's in america. >> wait a minute. dari: i'm teasing. >> fiat is american now. dari: you're right. >> chrysler. dari: okay. steve: looking at the fiat is a perfect segue to get to ines.
5:55 pm
>> they're heading up fdr. madison avenue and fifth avenue has been shut down. let's go to the other shot of the heliport, a look from brooklyn. that's where everyone is going to get on there by the heliport. get on the fdr. that's where you'll see the closures as they head over. here's a look at fifth avenue by 48th. there's the sephora. it's lined up. a lot of people there. street closures and people traffic. a lot of people around the area. that's what you want to avoid. fifth avenue between 55th and 47th. they're making their way on to the fdr and 72nd remains closed until saturday morning. fifth avenue, 72nd, madison, 74 to 71st will be closed. the united nations will be a problem.
5:56 pm
assembly and the 9/11 memorial. those closures start at midnight until 1:00. now it's the fdr heading to st. patrick's. he does tend to stop and say hi. that could extend the closures. steve: people have been warned. hopefully they're not on the roads. roads. dari: we want to go to st. patrick's cathedral. linda, it's almost there. >> reporter: the countdown. 45 minutes and the pope will be coming down fifth avenue. these people are so excited. the energy that is in the air. i heard you talking about the pope. he's 78 years old. you would think with this gruel schedule, it would be taxing on him. i think he gets the energy, and he gets electrified by the love that he feels from the people
5:57 pm
he'll be getting that later. fifth avenue between 47th and 57th, closed down. there are thousands lining fifth avenue behind police barricades. these are all people who had to have tickets to get here. arthur chi'en was telling you about that a few minutes ago. in addition, there are two special groups here. they're standing on each side of the steps of st. patrick's cathedral. when the pope comes down and gets out of the popemobile, these two groups will greet him. this is one of the group. paul is going to pan over. they're construction workers and other workers who played a role in the restoration of st. patrick's cathedral. it included restoring the bronze door that the pope will walk through to scrubbing graffiti off the pews, the stained glass, 3200 stained glass panels
5:58 pm
washed, painting, scraping, all sorts of cleaning. these folks are one side. they're hoping when the pope arrives, he is spontaneous, that he dis oes walk over and greet them. that's what they're hoping for. the other group, high school students over here. one of the groups is from xavier high school, a boys jesuit school and nort tre dame, a girls high school in the west village. these kids are here to greet the pope as well. and knowing how much the pope loves and respects children and realizes the importance of bringing more and more young people into the church, my guess is he'll walk over to some of these students and blessing them, shaking hands and doing what we have seen him do countless times. in addition to these groups here
5:59 pm
greeting him, governor cuomo will be here, mayor de blasio, senator schumer is expected to be here. and the rector of the church. and the vesper service will begin at 7:00. it will last 45 minutes. the people inside are people within the church itself. nuns, priests, retired clergy, deacons, and people who contributed to the $175 million restoration of st. patrick's cathedral. looking at st. pat's, it is glore glorous, gorgeous. and thank goodness for the good weather. i am sure they consider themselves very blessed. we cannot wait for the pope to arrive arrive. back to you.
6:00 pm
steve: excellent stuff.


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